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Welcome to the von Behren Genealogy website.  Listed below are the different branches that have 
settled in the USA and that I have discovered in my researching.  

Email me at Susan@vonbehren  .org  you will have to add the .org yourself.

Take a look around and see if you can find your branch of the von Behren clan. The different family lines are sorted 
by State and then county/city.  Feel free to email me, with any questions, or if you need help in locating your branch of the family.  You might have the missing information on your family that will help me connect to other branches. Just remember that this is a work in progress and I often find facts to disprove some of my work. 

This is only a very small part of the information that I have collected through the years.  Email me or join us on FaceBook group name Von Behren Genealogies for more information.  

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Most of the family sheets are in PDF format. Remember not all of the information below is correct. 


COUNTY/CITY  (Please remember that not all the information is accurate, it is a work in progress)

  • Email me for information on the families in CA.
  • See Jackson & Jennings Co IN (Heitkamp)
  • Orange County - Henry vonB & Mina Mang  Part of the  Woodford IL, Family. Also lived Jackson Co MN. Henry sold part of his orchard to Walt Disney.
  • Denver - See MO, St. Louis -son of Charles von Behren & Caroline Meyer
  • Denver - see Jackson & Jennings Co IN (Heitkamp)






  • Des Moines County, Burlington  - Frederick Wilhelm Lorenz von Behren his family has been in ID, WI, IN, KY, TN, OH. I'm sure that I have missed some states.

  • Cedar County - see Hamilton Co OH, for Henry & Margaret Hoffner Von Behren


  • Louisville, Jefferson Co. - see Des Moines Co IA


  • New Orleans, Orleans Parish  



  • Baltimore - von BEHREN &  Saalbach







  • Franklin County #2 - Family History by Carl Schroer - includes: von BEHREN, Becker, Horstman, Schroer


  • Keith - Gladyce B. Camblin Thompson Von Behren b. 13 Jan 1932 - d. 3 Sep 1996, buried at Paxton Cemetery, Paxton, Keith County, NE.


Schenectady - (*buried at the same cemetery)


  • Brooklyn - Actress Annie von Behren was shot on Stage in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Go ahead, Google her "Annie von Behren Actress"  Be sure to add the actress to the search. I would love to know more about this line.









  • Sauk - by Family History Joan Von Behren Jones
    Christian Friedrich von Behren & Caroline Wilhelmine Henrietta Peper


Holland - Horstmann




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